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You Are Invited. Not.

With all the buzz and flutter about Google+, I can understand why the Big G is cautiously testing and controlling the number of people who can access their shiny new service.  Makes perfect sense to me.  Use an invite system and limit the number of invites.  Check.

But, when I get an email saying that two people have invited me to join, but:

The Google+ project is currently working out all the kinks with a small group of testers. If you’re not able to access Google+, please check back again soon.

So it’s a “notice of invitation”, not an invitation.  Hmph.

I’m a little miffed.  That’s the ultimate “here’s your ticket, but you can’t use it” game.  It’s not even “bait and switch”, it’s more “bait and wait”.   If you only want so many people to participate, then only give out that many invites.  It’s not that difficult.  The most annoying part of this is I’m starting to get “{X} Shared this with you on Google+” emails as the people inside Google+ are using it.  A constant reminder of who’s inside the system and who’s not.

Not too smart, Google.

But, apart from my grumbling, there’s another take on this.  Google slammed the door shut on invitations pretty quickly for this product, which could mean one of several things:

  • They discovered a serious scaling problem they’d not anticipated.
  • They discovered a serious security problem they’d overlooked.
  • They discovered that people “like” Google+ as much as they liked Google Wave and don’t want the world to know they have another steaming pile on their hands.
  • They’re actually moving in a cautious, planned manner and want to make sure everything is perfect.

It could be anything.   In the meantime, I’ll keep checking my email.

By Scott
Meanderings As you wander life's path, keep open eyes and an inquisitive mind …